May 19, 2009

La Vita e Bella - Because life is beautiful that way...

That was a very nice surprise :)
I am the random winner of last week's European Street Team Challenge!
This is our ispiration game....
Every week the winner chooses a new theme and team's members create someting new based on theme.
Carmenesque was last week's Boss. Here you can see the participation's on her beautiful theme "Bird" So.... "inspiration game" must go on and for this week I must think of a theme.

And the new theme is....La Vita e bella..!!!! Because life is beautiful that way... This is the soundtrack of Benigni's film "La vita e bella" a great movie that I love very much...
listen to it... Pause my Mp3 in the meantime...

These are the lyrics
Smile, without a reason
why Love, as if you were a child,
Smile, no matter what they tell
you Don't listen to a word they say

Cause life is beautiful that way.

Tears, a tidal wave of tears
Light, that slowly disappears
Wait, before you close the curtain
There is still another game to play

And life is beautiful that way

Here with his eyes forevermore
I will always be as close as you
remember from before
Now that you're out there on your own

Remember what is real and
what we dream is love alone

Keep the laughter in your eyes
Soon your long awaited prize

We'll forget about our sorrows
And think about a brighter dayCause life is beautiful that way.....

I want to thank Amoronia because as soon as she saw the dt time.... found the lyrics and an other link for our Turkish members who can not watch Yutube ( as it is forbidden in their country)

1. from Stemellina

2. from ingermaaike

3. from psarokokalo

4. from amoronia

5. from Sumikoshop

6. from staroftheeast

7. from alatvian

8. from fleurfatale

9. from bijouxdellostregatto

10 . from Kreativlink

11. from vadjutka

12. from DeerLola

13. from karmologyclinic

14. from sorellina

15. from ZsBcreations

16. from MQuin

17. From binkaminka

my participation

18. from creationsbyeve

19. from kraplap

20. From JaneBoFelt