May 29, 2013

more air dry clay... bird necklace with embroidery thread

A few days ago my son ask me to make a small elephant pendant for his girl friend.
 I made this one with polymer clay, I don't have photos from the finished necklace to post but it was really very cute and actually it was the inspiration for my new bird pendants made from air dry clay :)

Although I am very happy with them and I love the thread addition, is a nice "spark" of color ... I have a dilemma .... chain or silk cord ? I wish for a quick decision in order to list them on my etsy shop... but I am afraid that usually I am not a "quick decision" person .... :)

Sure thing is that these days I am addicted  to air dry clay ... I love this material!!!  next project may be more colors for birds ... or fishes ? we'll see ...

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