Feb 25, 2013

Etsy community...

"Hello lovely people,

When I opened my little etsy shop, I became a member of a great team, the Etsy Greek Street Team.

Anyhow, I wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for the help of this team. Some sweet persons have helped me out, some just said a good word, some did nothing more than make me laugh! Well, that is something isn't it? Make you laugh I mean. Have you ever laughed so hard in front of a monitor screen just by reading some lines in a forum? Well I have! And I do, almost every day in our chat thread.

This is a team of people like me in many ways. They love handmade and they love to talk about handmade!!!  My kind of persons! "

After reading Akamatra’s post about Etsy Greek Street Teams’s 4rth anniversary I realized that I could say just the same words, that I have the same feelings! And since anniversaries is usually a reason to review things.. I thought about my etsy story

I joined Etsy on January 2008 as a buyer and after 4 months I made the big decision to sell my jewelry on my own etsy shop J  Antigonidesigns. Of course as a newbie I was trying to find my way in etsy joining forums. I was surprised by the vivid and supportive etsy community.  I’ll never forget the help I got from people who really did not know me, they had nothing to get from me … they just gave their help expecting no return… !

That made me feel until now that etsy is not just a marketplace but maybe the most precious and supportive community for crafters all over the world!

To make a long story short, soon I discovered the European team.. ok I thought this is almost locally :)))

Of course I joined  and  got my first “lessons” about team work. There I met  a few Greek etsy sellers too and soon the idea of an Etsy Greek Street team became a reality. 
Started with 35 members .. growing to 1000 now … and still growing!

Now as Captain of Greek team I am not able to be an active member of the European team too as much as I would like but EST is still in my heart and I never forget my European friends ♥ 

Today I realize how much my life changed because of Etsy!!!  Not only as an seller but as a member of etsy community  too I learned  so many things.  My creativity benefited my confidence got a great boost and  most importantly I made good and strong new friendships.

Now, after 2,5 years neglecting my role as an etsy seller (for personal reasons) I am ready for a fresh new start! Not only with my Antigonidesigns shop but with a second one too Antigonicreations selling my polymer jewelry.

That mostly is due to Etsy itself but also to the Greek team that acts like psychotherapy.

People living in Greece at this time of crisis can understand how oxymoron it seems raising new hopes and starting fresh.
I know this is a common feeling among my fellow team members

We support each other even if means telling a joke just to keep us going amidst our daily troubles.

Maybe those who are into creating are by nature incurably optimistic and I am glad that through Etsy I have the opportunity to be among them and share a positive and hopeful perspective!!!

So... wish me good luck :)


LaCravateDuChien said...

Good luck manoula! :)

anta said...

Τα καλυτεροτερότερα έρχονται!!!!!!

Tatiana Kontouli said...

Με συγκίνησες άτιμη!! Kαλή αρχή καπετάνιο! Εύχομαι πολλές ώρες δημιουργίας!

Akamatra said...

Best of luck dear captain!!! I can't say more but I am positive the best are yet to come ;)

Christina said...

Wishing you ALL the luck in the world!! Positive people deserve only good things happening to them :)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and enjoy your new beging with hope and joy!