Feb 1, 2011

Making caps for a good cause! The "Caps for good" EGST meeting!

Yesterday we met atKangaroo craft store and made caps for the «Caps for Good» charity campaign.

We had a wonderful time! Drinking coffee and chatting, we made cute little caps for the newborn babies of the third world. Sofie from Kangaroo was a fantastic hostess! She offered us coffee, tea, cookies, donated the yarns for knitting... and gave us everything we needed... needles, tools, scissors... 
Thank you so much Sofie! You rock!

Needles in action!

Some of the caps we made... so lovely all of them!
in action :)
"Caps for Good” is a grassroots initiative of the global humanitarian organization Save the Children and the "Warm Up America Foundation". The project seeks to engage knitters and crocheters to take action for the 4 million babies who die each year within the first month of life in poor countries.

Research shows that 50 percent of the 4 million newborn deaths that occur each year could be prevented if mothers and children in poor countries had access to a simple package of health measures। This package includes antibiotics to fight infections, immunizations, training for skilled birth attendants, education on breastfeeding and hygiene, and basic care such as keeping a baby warm by covering the head and carrying the baby skin-to-skin. America’s leaders could save millions of newborns by increasing international assistance for programs that offer these inexpensive life-saving tools.


gInA dEntOn said...

I came upon the article in the parents magazine about caps for a cause and would love to do something similiar to what you've done, here in Idaho. But in the article it says that they will accept caps through Fabruary 28th. Do you know of another organization that these caps can be donated to if we don't have them ready by the 28th?? my e-mail address is ginadenton80@yahoo.com I would love some info if you have some. Thanks :)

Kathy Winn said...

I don't know where in Idaho you live, but...I make hats and sweaters for the refugee kids who come from other countries to Spokane, Washington where I live. I take them to World Relief. My friend in Bonners Ferry, Idaho makes kids' hats for her local Head Start program and for shelte, homeless mission, & pregnancy centers. Just a few ideas.
Kathy Winn, TiggerKath@yahoo.com

ginali said...

wonderful that EGST is helping in the cause, thanks for sharing this Antigoni