Nov 26, 2008

Lucky Charms as we do them in Greece - "Gouria"! - New designs - Γούρια2009...

These lucky charms - in Greece we called them "gouria" - are very favorite in my country. This is a "must have" item especially for every New year.
With gouri we decorate our houses, offices, cars, key chains or we make jewels with them....We believe that they attract positive energy and good luck!

This is not having to do with anything religious it's just a beautiful and loving tradition we have!
We use many, many symbols and as they are also fashion items, the designs are endless and very free in inspiration and use of colors!This is a gift that always we accept with great pleasure!!!!

Soon I'll listed them in my Etsy shop too, but if you're interesred to them you can leave me a comment :)

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